O2 & CO2 Systems


Sistemas de Oxigeno de Emergencia
Emergency Oxygen System

The Emergency Oxygen System is a compact unit that supplies oxygen during ejection from the ejection seat or in the event of voluntary pilot activation for a certain period of time, maintaining a continuous flow during the period of use. The Emergency Oxygen System consists of a non-fragmentable EOS Steel Cylinder and an EOS Head regulator, it also incorporates a Pressure Gauge, which allows monitoring the status of the bottle fluid load.


  • Weight:
    2,64 lb (1,2 Kg) nominal.
  • Operation Range:
    14°F (-10°C) to 104°F (40°C).
  • Expanded O2 Capacity:
    72 liters at sea level from a pressure initial charge of 2,100 psi (144.8 bar).
  • Service Life:
    15 years from initial charge.
  • Applications:
    Designed for Ejection Seat Line.
  • Installation:
    Based on Ejection Seat Configuration.


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