MK8 Ejection Seat

  • MK8Operating Ceiling: 50000+ ft (15,250m)
  • Minimum height/Speed: Zero/70 knots in near level attitude
  • Crew boarding mass range: 78.2 to 116.2 kg
  • Crew size range: 5th to 95th percentile
  • Maximum Speed for ejection: 600 KIAS
  • Parachute type: GQ Type 1000 Mk 2
  • Parachute deployment: Drogue assisted
  • Drogue parachute type: 5ft
  • Drogue deployment: Drogue gun initiated by trip rod
  • Harness type: Combined
  • Ejection seat operation type: Ejection gun
  • Ejection gun: Single, two stage
  • Gun stroke length: Variant dependent
  • Ejection initiation: Handle on seat pan
  • Electronic Sequencer: No
  • Barostatic time-release unit: Yes + g-restrictor initiated by trip rod
  • Automatic backup unit: No
  • Manual override handle: Yes
  • Timers: No
  • Seat adjustment: Up/down. Actuator operated 28 Vdc
  • Arm restraints: No
  • Leg restraints: Yes, two garters
  • Oxygen supply: Bottled emergency oxygen; Onboard oxygen generating system connection
  • Personal survival pack: Yes
  • Aircrew services: Oxygen (main and emergency) and mic/tel
  • Command ejection: No
  • Canopy jettison: No
  • Miniature detonating cord: No
  • Interseat sequencing system: No

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