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Crashworthy Seats 1In recent years, MBA has applied this knowledge and experience to the field of crashworthy seating, developing patented technologies that offer the highest levels of crash energy attenuation performance. This is archived whilst retraining the key operating parameters of low mass, comfort, affordability and maintainability.

The product range of crashworthy seating for both rotorcraft and fixed wing applications now includes crew, passenger, utility, troop, armoured and rotating seats. All seats are certified to FAA/EASA and/or military requirement, supporting the operating requirements of a wide range of customers.

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Crashworthy seats functional features and integration aircraft options offer flexibility in aft cabin design. The lightweight seats could be quickly and easily installed and removed by releasing two spring loaded plungers.

Crashworthy Seats 3This is achieved whilst retaining the key operating parameters of low mass, comfort, affordability and maintainability. The energy attenuation technology offered by MBA effectively absorbs the energy from heavy or crash landings, reducing the forces transmitted to the occupant to a survivable level as defined by relevant specification, depending on the seat to be installed.

They could be integrated to the aircraft floor with standard floor tracks or in applications where embedded floor tracks not available, a floor overlay pallet is attached to existing floor hard points. These pallets permit use of optional sideways movement of the seat fore/aft traversing or both fore/aft and lateral traversing. Also they could be used to integrate operator consoles. These seats, including the attenuation system, are proven to be reliable and low maintenance.

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