MBA S.A. is member of CArAE

The "Argentine Chamber of Aeronautics and Space" (CArAE) is a business entity that represents the aeronautical, space and National Defense Production industrial sector.

Our partners are mainly Technology-Based Companies dedicated to the manufacture of products, parts and mechanical, electrical, electronic systems and related areas intended to equip aircraft, space vehicles, satellites and the like, as well as to develop the necessary ground equipment that makes these activities possible Our members provide, in turn, services related to these activities, as is the development and generation of specific software for these functions in particular.

CArAE brings together a broad business cluster with specific capabilities in the area of high technology applied to aeronautical, space and defense development and production. We are convinced that synergistic work within the sector that concerns us, offers each of our associates the possibility of a more competitive and higher quality industry.

For this, from CArAE, we maintain that the work must be aligned with universities, business and social organizations, institutions and different government bodies. With which, we have signed mutual cooperation agreements and conventions and with which we work continuously in pursuit of the sector that concerns us.

For MBA S.A., it is essential the compliance of ethical guidelines. 


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