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MBA S.A. – ARGENTINA is a leading private company that has been operating in the market since 1995, with a long history, dedicated to the Defense Systems and Services business. Since our inception, we have provided MRO support, training and product distribution to our customers regarding MARTIN BAKER AIRCRAFT CO. LTD. (MBA) and since 2012, with corporate participation, with SICAMB SpA (Martin Baker Aircraft Italian Aeronautical Society) regarding Ejection Seats.

With a Sales Office located in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina and with an MRO (Integrated) and Manufacturing Workshop in Río Cuarto, Córdoba Province, Argentina, within the Río IV Material Area, General Maintenance Base of the Argentine Air Force.

The Workshop is certified as a "Center of Excellence" (MRO), MARTIN BAKER / SICAMB, where we assist all maintenance levels for different Ejection Seats types applied in the Armed Forces of Latin America and Africa, offering spare parts, tools, scheduled MRO services, calibration of test benches, technical assistance, and providing training and certification of the personnel of the Armed Forces for the application of the services, currently fitted to IA-63 PAMPA I - II - III, IA-58 Pucara I - II, T-27 EMB 312 Tucano, A-29 EMB 314 Super Tucano, T-6 TEXAN II, KFIR, Cheetah, A-37 Dragonfly, CASA C101 aircrafts, continuously supporting additional platforms based on new, current and/or modernization of seat-to-aircraft configurations.

Through the Engineering and Production Department, we carry out conversion tasks of different Military and Civilian seats (Upgrade) in order to update them to a newer generation or accompanying the modernization of aircraft with the replacement of seats from other manufacturers to a MARTIN BAKER/SICAMB seats.

As part of our production line for Emergency Oxygen Systems (E.O.S.) cylinders, we carry out updates and replacements of other equipment to the MARTIN BAKER / SICAMB systems, through a comprehensive support system that includes the product, spare parts, test benches, courses and personnel certification so that each Armed Force is independent in the applied scheduled services.


Since 1996, these various tasks have been performed at the Workshop on more than 1,300+ Ejection Seats and their emergency equipment for the Armed Forces of Latin America and Africa. Training and certifying more than 330+ qualified technicians in the maintenance processes of these diverse Ejection Seats.

Our priority has always been our committed to quality: Certified under ISO 9000 since 1996, certified under OMAD (Aircraft Maintenance Organization for the Defense) since 2011, in compliance with resolutions of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Argentina), and currently under the certifications process for AS9100D.

Likewise, an Integrated Management System (MIT - Total Integrated Management) was developed that allows the monitoring of the complete life history of the systems, ensuring traceability and generating documentation for the service, being able to determine future needs for spare parts and supplies of the programs to be executed based on the updated Manuals of mandatory application of each Seat.

Due to the nature of the work, confidentiality regarding the information of each of our Clients is a priority. Our long-term practice is to build a close professional relationship with each of our Clients, not only fulfilling our tasks, but also providing a permanent support service to ensure the operation in a timely manner and within the safety requirements of the product.

For MBA S.A., it is essential the compliance of ethical guidelines. 


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Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 2030 - Floor 1, Of. 101
C1107AFP - Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Integrated Workshop

Las Higueras Airport
Área Material Río IV de la Fuerza Aérea Argentina.
Localidad Río IV, Provincia de Córdoba, Argentina.

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