Pioneer Aerospace Corp. - Zodiac Aerospace Parachute & Protection (USA)

Is a world leading company for over 70 years in the analysis, design, development, manufacture, testing and integration of reliable aerodynamic deceleration systems for a variety of military and commercial customers.

Currently produces the most modern and sophisticated parachute, high decelerating technology and auxiliary equipment in the industry, which are in use around the world for its proven quality and performance, supporting military and space operations.

Currently manufactured parachutes:

  • Maneuverable Troop Parachutes: MC1-1B, MC1-1C, MC1-1D, MC1-1E
  • Troop Parachutes: T-10B, T-10C, T-10D
  • High Altitude Parachute Penetration System (HAPPS)
  • Heavy Cargo Parachutes: G-11A, G-11B, G-11C, G-12D, G-12E
  • PADS: PANTHER (Precision Autonomous Navigation for High Offset or Emergency Re-supply)

  • Paracaías

    Multiple jumps in parachute

  • Zodiac Eerospace Parachutes - Phantom 20

    Zodiac Eerospace Parachutes - Phantom 20

  • Pruebas en Zodiac Aerospace

    Testing in Zodiac Aerospace