Airlift Technologies - Zodiac Aerospace Group (USA)

ATI is recognized as a world leader in Cargo Systems Platforms, Release, and Extraction and Release via air supply, heavy cargo for military, civil and scientific, offering the highest quality products and technical support services that meet or exceed customer expectations.

The products offered have a development, design, manufacturing, training, technology and support services, which are conducted under strict international military specifications, providing the best guarantee for security, functionality and versatility.

Some of their products are:

  • Load and Launch Platform Type V and Double Row.
  • Cargo Parachute Release G-11A, G-11B, G-11C and G-12E.
  • Parachute Extraction loads of 15, 22 and 28 feet.
  • Parts for Cargo and Launch Platforms.


  • C 130 Airdrop

    C 130 Airdrop

  • Extraction PC

    Extraction PC

  • Airlift 22

    Airlift 22

  • G12


  • Tierpic Platforms

    Tierpic Platforms