Martin Baker Company (UNITED KINGDOM) / SICAMB S.p.A. (ITALY)

Martin Baker is, for more than 60 years, the most prestigious manufacturer in the world of ejection seats and related equipment to save the life of the pilot.

It is the only Company that can offer users a complete service regarding safety, escape requirements, design, development, training and qualification, thereby ensuring that this support will remain in effect throughout the years to meet the service life of each airplane seat.

Engineered Arresting System Corporation - Zodiac Aerospace Group (USA)

ESCO, with over 70 years of global leadership, stands as a pioneer in the design, production and evolution of Arrest / Detainment Systems for military and commercial aircraft, offering a full range of engineering services, manufacturing, installation and support by the original manufacturer of the product.

This reputation was achieved over the years per the quality, integrity, reliability, trust and continuous improvement of its products (up-grades), preserving life and protecting assets.

Airlift Technologies - Zodiac Aerospace Group (USA)

ATI is recognized as a world leader in Cargo Systems Platforms, Release, and Extraction and Release via air supply, heavy cargo for military, civil and scientific, offering the highest quality products and technical support services that meet or exceed customer expectations.

The products offered have a development, design, manufacturing, training, technology and support services, which are conducted under strict international military specifications, providing the best guarantee for security, functionality and versatility.

Pioneer Aerospace Corp. - Zodiac Aerospace Parachute & Protection (USA)

Is a world leading company for over 70 years in the analysis, design, development, manufacture, testing and integration of reliable aerodynamic deceleration systems for a variety of military and commercial customers.

Currently produces the most modern and sophisticated parachute, high decelerating technology and auxiliary equipment in the industry, which are in use around the world for its proven quality and performance, supporting military and space operations.

Aerazur - Zodiac Aerospace Group (FRANCE)

Aerazur has dedicated more than 60 years in designing, developing, manufacturing and maintenance of their products, ensuring via their production or through its network of authorized representatives around the world, with the highest standards of quality safety and survival equipment to the aerospace, military and armament industry.


Within our capabilities, we support the entire system (Test Benches and Equipment) regarding manufacture, repair, maintenance and testing of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide control systems, for application in Civil and Military Aeronautics.


Audace Technologies Inc. (CANADA)

Audace Technologies (ATI) is a Canadian base Company specializing in hybrid energy systems for the development of processes, practices, and applications that improve upon or replace existing traditional non-renewable technologies in order to substantially reducing both the impact on the Planet (environmental) and Business/Governmental Entities operating cost.