MBA S.A., exclusive Representative –Distributor of MARTIN BAKER AIRCRAFT COMPANY and SICAMB S.p.A., is a leading company that emphasizes the technological quality of their product, with its commercial offices in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires and its Maintenance Facility (MRO) located in the Río Cuarto City, Province of Córdoba, and within the Maintenance Facilities of the Argentine Air Force, Las Higueras.

Certificate Since 1996, they have carried out preventive maintenance in all levels, including overhaul and assembly ac- tivities on over 1200 ejection seats models like MK 4, MK5, MK 6, MK8, MK and shortly the MK17 model. Likewise, MBA S.A. performed the modification of the ejection seats of the Pampa IA63 aircraft from the MK8 to the MK10 model, including the installation trial to the aircraft.

At the present time, MBA S.A. provide and assist to several Armed Forces in Latin American and African Regions with maintenance, spares, tooling, training courses, test equipment calibration and technical assistance. MBA S.A. has been certified under ISO 9001 by TÜV RHEINLAND since 1998 and Organization in Aeronautical Maintenance of the Defense (OMAD - Argentina) since 2010.

MBA S.A. TeamMARTIN-BAKERS vision of a COE organization is an advanced center dedicated in reaching the highest levels and standards in Escape System Maintenance, being focused on using best practices with regards to standards, methodologies, tools, supply chains and knowledge which are considered as typical approaches to maintenance.

MARTIN-BAKER has a reputation for quality, reliability, service and value in providing its customers with an affordable high quality product in accordance with customer specification and requirements for Escape Systems. They also value these qualities in it representative organizations, such as MBA S.A., who carry out Escape System Maintenance on its behalf.

MBA S.A. centre of excellenceThe essential mission of MBA S.A. is to provide training and qualifications to their customers to achieve the same excellence in their facilities, in order to take advantage of such knowledge to fully achieve, effectively and economically, through a joint annual purchasing program carried out by MBA S.A. via their information software.

As additional information, it is important to emphasize that MBA S.A. and MARTIN-BAKER in Argentina, implemented an on-line technical publications (E-PUBS) system, which allows one to continuously be updated of all technical documentation, including SIL and LEAFLET, for immediate distribution and updates to their clients. At the moment, an advanced software solution by Internet is being set up, which will be monitoring in real time with each Latin America and Africa Customer from the MBA S.A. Center. The system will enhance the tracking efficiency of its ejection seats maintenance levels, potential maintenance issues and parts provision program.