Our teamOur workshop is the only one authorized by the manufacturer to provide its services, preventive maintenance tasks at all levels, repair, calibration of test benches, overhaul of survival equipment and training courses..

Since 1996, this type of work has been carried out in more than 1000 Ejector Seats of type MK 4, MK 5, MK 6, MK 8, MK 10 and since the date MK 15B, of the different Armed Forces in the region of Latin America And Africa. Also to date, more than 300 technicians have been qualified in the maintenance processes on the different Ejection Seats.

Also, we have carried out the tasks of upgrading Seats, to update them to a new generation, accompanying the military aircraft bias with the replacement of seats of other manufacturers by Martin Baker.

Counting for each case with a life history of the same, which guarantees its traceability and elaboration of future needs of spare parts and supplies.

Our practice over the long term is to build with each of our clients a close professional relationship, not only fulfilling our tasks, but also providing a permanent support service to assure operation in a timely manner and within the safety requirements of the product.

Due to the nature of work, confidentiality regarding the information of each of our clients is a priority.


Our Workshop has the following capacity:
  • Service Room.
  • Test Bench Room and Quality Control.
  • Parachute (Folding) Room.
  • Parachute Drying Tower.
  • Survival Equipment Room.
  • O2 and CO2 Room.
  • Sala de Almacenaje.
  • Sala de Instrucción
  • Oficina Técnica, Documentación y Desarrollo – Atencion al Cliente

Our technicians.

Si Saber AbderrezakSi Saber Abderrezak
Quality Manager
Julio Alberto AñañosJulio Alberto Añaños
Production Manager / Instructor
Oberto Amílcar PastoreOberto Amílcar Pastore
Technical Manager / Planning / Production
Roberto Carlos ServinoRoberto Carlos Servino
Technical Inspector
Ruben Ignacio GaunaRuben Ignacio Gauna
Ramiro AlanizRamiro Alaniz
Daniel BarreraDaniel Barrera